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CrossFit North Queensland Kids ProgramCrossFit North Queensland Kids Program





CrossFit Kids (age 3-17) is a functional movement program combining gymnastics, body- weight movements and weight lifting elements to teach children and teens efficient mechanics and create a broad athletic foundation.

Classes run during QLD State School terms.

With separate School Holiday Program



 Term 3 , 2016

Monday July 11th - Friday September 16th  2015

Kids 5 -12yr  Tuesday 4:00-4:30pm
Teens 12-17 yrs TBC


Cost: Kids program.

Causal $15 for first sibling and $10 for each additional sibling

10 week term $110 per child

Family Specail: If both Parents /caregivers have an Ultimate CrossFit North Queensland Membership

kids under 18 train FREE



Our program teaches children efficient movement mechanics, creating a broad athletic foundation. It offers an opportunity for children of all ages and abilities to maximize their physical skills during years of peak development. The CrossFit kids program aims to pair fitness with fun, thus creating a lifelong love of health and fitness for our children.

Term  Classes are divided into two different age groups:

Kids 5-12 years

These sessions will run for 30minutes (parents are encouraged to stay, especially parents of the younger children, but not require, although you must drop off an pick up your child

Kids sessions are similar to the Preschool with activities more age appropriate. They will learn functional movements which will be applied to games and short fun workouts.

As the children in these classes progress and show competency with our movements, we will begin to introduce some load i.e. lifting a medicine ball or dumbbell safely from the floor.

Teens 13-17 years

These sessions will run for 45-50 min with the focus on technique work, the workouts are short and fun to keep our athletes engaged.

Providing the Teens are competent in all the movements, they will begin to work with barbells and will add load depending on individual ability. Teen's  13+ are also permitted to join in with the Saturday 7:30am class as long as accompanied by a training parent

Teens  group will also be introduced to some of the more advanced movements of CrossFit and may work towards a sport specific strength and conditioning program.


We offer you three different payment options

Term Fees
Kids $110 for full term
Teens $110 for full term

Casual Fee's

$15 for the First Child

$10 for the secondchild in the same class

$5 for 3rd or above

6 visit card ( can be shared between siblings)

Term fees allow kids to attend both the timetabled classes for their age group. Teens are also permitted to attend the Saturday 7:30am sessions but  must be accompanied by an adult if under 16.

We also offer a generous family discount for the Kids classes Term Fees 
If both parents have a yearly CrossFit North Queensland membership kids train FREE during the school term
If you have 3 or more children training First two kids are at full price,but all subsequent sibling are half price.


You can register for the term via or email especially if you are applying for a family discount.