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CFNQ is always welcoming new members!

Joining is EASY!


Getting started with CrossFit North Queensland is easy.

You do not need to be fit or have any prior training experience to get involved.

We pride ourselves in helping people who are just starting out working thru mechanics and constancy before adding intensity  .

The common bond between all of our athletes, regardless of age or back ground, is that they gain satisfaction from improving their physical ability.



Completing an Introductory Workshop either as part of a group or via Personal Training is a prerequisite to join our main CrossFit classes.

Because we understand life can be busy busy, we give you 2 options to pick from to get you started.

You can join a semi private group or do personal training sessions with one of our experienced coaches.

There is no requirement to sign up for a membership straight away.

Give it a go for the four weeks of our beginners membership option . If you love it stay.

If not you gave it a go, but we know you will love it.





Option A. Semi Private Express Introductory workshops (Max 8 people)

These are 2 hours long , they regularly come up on our timetable or you can contact us to book a time that suits you. The workshops give you an introduction to the movements and equipment you will be using in the classes, it also allows our coaches to assess any movement restrictions you may have and give you alternatives to help your fitness progress.

Group Introductory Workshops are just $85.00 per person AND upon completion you are credited a 1 week Unlimited CrossFit Membership for FREE  to try out the group CrossFit classes.


Option B. Personal Introductory Program 

 3 x 45 min  One on One sessions with a CrossFit Coach at a time to suit you to get you up to speed on the fundamental CrossFit Movements.

All the movements that are covered in the Group Introductory Workshop are covered here and there may also be time to work on other skills depending on individual experience.  The Personal Introductory program is a great way to get started if you cannot attend the group workshop  , if you need to improve your confidence or  staring with a pre-existing injury or other limitations/special needs.


The cost of the Personal introductory program is $175 , and includes a  3 x 45 minute PT sessions + a bonus 2 weeks membership upon completion .


Bring a friend or friends along with you they can share the sessions and pay just an extra $85 per person, ( For up to 4 people in total, all attending the same PT sessions ) .


At the conclusion of your 3 Personal introductory sessions you will get a bonus 2 week Unlimited Group CrossFit classes membership for FREE!



To set up your  Introductory Workshop or Beginners Membership block today, drop us an email call at 0423110175 or check the membership link



If you have already completed an Intro or fundamentals course at another CrossFit Affiliate you should be right to join in with our classes.

Your first class with us is FREE , just email to book your spot