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CrossFit is a training methodology , a community and a sport.

 CrossFit is our heart and sole which makes up the bulk of the classes that we offer. We believe CrossFit is truly #FitnessForAll and we have classes for Kids, Adults and Seniors that are all CrossFit, tailored to your stage of life.

While each CrossFit Box is unique we also share alot of things in common. CrossFit North Queensland has been an official affiliate since 2006 and was the first in Australia and our goal is to help people become the best version for themselves and be fit for life.

At CrossFit North Queensland we believe in broad, general and inclusive fitness.


Our program combines the most effective training methods including weightlifting, gymnastics, and mono-structural movements such as running, rowing and skipping.

Our workouts revolve around executing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity and focus on developing all facets of fitness:

  • Endurance
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Coordination
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Accuracy


 Regardless of  your current fitness level you CAN do CrossFit.

At CrossFit North Queensland everyone starts by doing an introductory program, this allows our coaches to introduce you to the fundamental movements that are the base of the program developing the mechanics, and consistency that allows your to gradually increase the intensity.

Each day our CrossFitters perform the same WOD (Workout Of Day), as part of a structured program. Our Coaches ensure that each workout is then tailored to each individual to suit their abilities, experience level and goals.

Our CrossFit classes are capped at just 12 people per session so you get the attention you deserve.

CrossFit is universally scalable, meaning that the load and intensity of any given workout is determined by an individual’s fitness level, you don't need to be fit to start.


Scaling works to maintain the stimulus and/or intensity of the intended movement makes CrossFit suitable for any given individual and will allow for physiological and neurological adaptations for everyone, it makes the workouts doable , but not necessarily easy.


 You put in the work , have fun and you get the results!


Check out this great Video about What is CrossFit? Thanks to the trainers at Reebok CrossFit Fifth Ave in New York City. Also, hear from the Fittest Woman on Earth Annie Thorisdottir and her boyfriend, CrossFit European Regionals champ Frederik Ægidius.



CrossFit affiliates are not a franchise, each CrossFit is an individual business, each is unique and all are locally owned and operated.

We are linked through Love of Functional movement.




Completion of an Introductory course is prerequisite before joining group CrossFit classes



CrossFit 3 x per week : $37.50 (direct debit via ezidebit

CFNQ Ultimate Membership :$7.50 (direct debit via ezidebit)

Gives you access to all Timetabled CrossFit & AquaFitness sessions,


Casual Session $20

20 Visit card $290

$50 per week pay as you go/cash




FIFO Memberships also available


Please email if you need more information