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The Whole Life Challenge is basically a game that challenges you to “try on” a whole life of health and fitness for eight weeks. We’ll be on a team together, holding each other accountable in all the areas of the game (like nutrition, stretching, exercise, water, meditation, reading, reflecting, etc.).

You do not necessarily need to be a CrossFit North Queensland member or even in Townsville to join our team.

How it works

Get in the Game

Sign up, and join our Whole Life Challenge Team "CrossFit North Queensland"
 This Challenge is all about creating an environment of support that can last long after the Challenge ends.


Measure Yourself : Come along to our initial event, in September  2017 and we will do it for you

Come along to our initial event to take pre-Challenge fitness & body measurements. You’ll want to know where you started so you can say where you’re headed! For some people this can be quite confronting, but you need to know where you start.

Embrace New Habits

For 56 days, make conscious choices around the Whole Life Challenge 7 Daily Habits. Pick one of the 3 Nutrition levels , Kickstart, Lifestyle or performance. Exercise, stretch , hydrate , and participate in the weekly lifestyle challenges.  Raising your awareness and being consistent, even in small ways, adds up to huge reward

Focus on Action

Check-in to the website each day to record your score and connect with and support your teammates. Your keys to victory lie in accountability, support, and honest reflection. Focus on what you can have and what you have done, not what you cannot have or what you didn't do.

Measure Your Results

Get back together with our  team  in November and repeat your pre-challenge measurements. You’ll be amazed at how great you feel and perform after eight weeks of focused effort and teamwork!

Celebrate Your Achievements

Celebrate your achievements! When you complete the Challenge you may not even recognize yourself anymore. How you look, feel, and live your life are now completely designed by you!


For the Spring Challenge CrossFit North Queensland is offering you 3 different options to play



Fitness Assessment /Weigh ins ,Photos and Q&A session  for all Options will be Thursday 14th September 2017

Start Date: Saturday 16th September 2017

Finish Date : Friday 10th November 2017 




$70 Non Refundable  Registration fee . This books your spot and gets you access to the online Whole Life Challenge.

If you want to save a few $ you are welcome to Sign up directly via our team link

But be aware this site shows prices in US$


Then  Choose from either:

Online Challenge Only  : no extra per week ( great for existing members)

Online Challenge + Aqua only  Package : $25 per week direct debit

Online Challenge + Ultimate Package : $60 per week direct debit


What’s Included?


 Membership to CrossFit North Queenslands online Whole Life Challenge team 

Whole Life Challenge online forum , Challenge tracking app, blog, forum and online support 

Private Facebook forum access.

1 Free Saturday session each week. 

Welcome Gift 

Fitness Assessment , Photos & measurements at the Start and Finish of the Challenge 

Optional body fat analysis (additional cost ) 



Access to everything included with the Online Challenge PLUS 

Unlimited Aqua@Riverway sessions 

Monday TBC

Tuesday 9am /5:45pm*

Thursday 6:30am & 9am /5:45pm*

Saturday 9am 

Weekly mystery workout TBC


*5:45pm classes will start in October due to pool availability 



Everything Included in the Online + Aqua ChallengesPLUS 

CrossFit or Weight Training Beginners Course if required

Unlimited Sessions including Strength , HIIT , Metcon , Bodyweight , Ergos , Strongman, CrossFit

Discounted PT sessions 

.Finishers T-shirt on completing the challenge 


Session Times: All Aqua Session PLUS 

Monday- 5.30AM & 9:30am / 5.30PM

Tuesday- 5.30AM/ 5:30PM

Wednesday- 5.30AM & 9:30am /5.30PM

Thursday- 5.30AM/ 5:30pm

Friday- 5:30am & 9:30am /5:30PM

Saturday- 7:00am 

Weekly mystery session TBC each week


For more information or to sign up, please PM or Email the team.